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IP68 Waterproof Door Access Control System Biometrics RFID Keypad

Product Description

 Access Control Keypad Waterproof RFID Card Password Entry Device Security Door Access Control System supprot 2000 Users for House Garage Gate Office

Product Features

Classical standalone access control adopts high quality plastic material. Based on low power consumption and low cost. Suitable for household, office and department.

* High quality and high security
* Sensitively and response quickly
* Support 1000 standard users
* Support card, password, password plus card to open the door
* Has a door bell button
* Classical Appearance with useful function
* Doesn't need to connect on the computer, can works alone
* Application: Home/ hotel/ office/ department / apartment etc


Product Specifications

  • User Capicity: 1000 user cards              

  • Dimension: 120mmx78mm×22mm(L×W×H)

  • Working Frequency: 125KHz                                     

  • Working Current: <100mA

  • Working Voltage: DC12

  • Working Temperature: -10 to +60

  • Reading Distance: 0-10cm                      

  • Relative Humidity: 20%-90%

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